Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Ich war noch niemals in New York

...bis vor einem Monat jedenfalls!

seeing the statue of liberty from the ferry to staten island

view from the brooklyn bridge in the morning
t"hink about all the beauty that is still left in and around you and be happy" - Anne Frank
chrysler building
ceremony around the Rockerfeller Center

time square early in the morning - believe me it got a really rainy day!

told ya - that was the day when I bought my jeffrey campbell rain boots
cupcake from the magnolia bakery in bleaker street - amazing the bakery and the street

does anyone recognize this lake from the gossip girl episode?! a little hint it's in central park;-)
grand central from the outside - even prettier from the inside amazing old building and a perfect place for apple fans
view from the empire state building - amazing little tour but very crowded in the early evening
thank you Bia for being such an amazing host -i am so looking forward to come back!

My snapshots from New York - anyone interested in some Tips where to be?

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