Dienstag, 5. April 2011

passion and pink

I just noticed that i am totally dressed in ZARA, jewellery Thomas Sabo, Fossil & selfmade

Hello lovelies,

I though to begin todayy post with some pictures. The flowers from my blouse totally symbolizes my feeling right now. It's like a new chapter of the book just opens, spring is coming home more and more, I finished my two weeks fasting and everything tastes now so good I can't explain why but it feels great and the other thing is pink passion totally caugh me. I just love this colour so bad and now not just my mobile and mobile case are pink i also got aother pair of pink shoes and a pretty cool clutch from ZARA and also some new practising stuff you can see here:

What do you think about my new swimming suit? Some of you think why going swimming and not jogging, the reason is, I have some knee injury which makes it nearly impossible to go jogging, so I needed to chose a sport which is rather less knee intensive, so I started to go swimming again ( I was practising for 11 years until '08).

Which sports are you guys doing?

Thank you for the love you show me through your comments.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Rollkunstlauf, nur das ist auch sehr schwer zu machen, wenn man Knieprobleme hat ;)

Cherrybee hat gesagt…

rollkunstlaufen klingt spannend, wie darf ichmir das genau vorstellen? eiskunstlaufen auf rollschuhen?

vicky h. hat gesagt…

schöne bluse :) die gleiche hatte ich heut auch an! total bequem und das muster ist toll!

xox Vicky
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