Mittwoch, 13. April 2011


Hello lovelies,

last summer my family started to renovate our house including a new roof and a new room for me and my sister. The thing is they decided to do most of the work alone which means, my sister and me need to help and work things out, too. So at the moment I am spending my weekend helping my parents with the house and working in the ice café the good thing about is, I can earn some money for new funiture and even help creating our new rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and our bedrooms. Last weekend my BF was so nice to help me creating a plan of my new room and cutting out little models of the funiture I have already chosen. It feels pretty good to already know a litlte bit how it will look like and I am also really excited about how it will look in the end.
I asked JT from TwentyTwoAvenue for some support and inspiration how to create, decorate and live in small space rooms and she really created a pretty cool, interesting and inspiring post about it, thank you so much!

Here you can see my current planning of my new room and the furniture I already choose.

1 Bett bed    2 Schuhregal   shoe shelf         3 Leselampe    lamp for reading      4 Schreibtisch  desk    everything by IKEA

The part of the room called "SCHRANK" will be a really special offer hopefully it works. When I get ready to move in my new room I'll of course show you the pics of the result.

If anyone has recommendations for furniture, accesoires or just inspiring homepages, just send it to me I can't get enough.

And a huge sorry for not translating today but school work is calling just 5 more exams until i am really over.

Thank you so much for your comments and inspiration.

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this will be a beautiful room